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Fethiye Hotels

Fethiye's boost to the accommodation on Turkish tourism

Fethiye forms a great proportion of the Turkish tourism as one of the best vacation routes in Turkey. With its calm and turquoise water of Fethiye, Ölüdeniz attracts the attention of foreigner tourists and gives the illusion of a heavenly place Fethiye. In accordance to this historical atmosphere in Fethiye, hotels in Fethiye tend to keep this historical texture and touristic value. Starting with "Ölüdeniz" Hotels provide a nearby lodgments fort the tourists as a place to rest and entertain as well. Especially on the summer season The occupancy rate in Fethiye provides nearly 2/3 of the city's population.


Fethiye hotels are mostly well-situated on the cost so that it gives you many different beaches to choose from. During your stay in Fethiye you may meet the unique nature of the area, go for a nice culture walk, and enjoy the sun and sand at the beaches of the Fethiye hotels. Also a few of the Fethiye hotels are deployed in the deeps of forest, away from the sea and right in the nature's heart.

Monthly occupancy ratio

As you take a look at the occupancy rate of the Fethiye hotels, you will see that it performs enormous capacity. The historical texture and the natural beauties of Fethiye play a great role on this scenario. Ölüdeniz is known as one of the best locations for scuba-diving as well as paragliding, jogging, rafting, climbing, paintball, safari, hunting (on season), horseback riding and biking sports.

Boutique hotels in Fethiye

Boutique hotels in Fethiye create an irresistible affinity for both the tourists both from the abroad and domestic. With their different decoration, service quality and the special offerings for their vistors Boutique hotels in Fethiye present a new generation of accommodation. The proximity of the hotels in Fethiye to Ölüdeniz and to the sea is a priority for many tourists. Boutique hotels in Fethiye present a candid service with its warm and minimum design based on its "concept hotel" attitude.


Fethiye as one of the most important vacation areas in Turkey, experiences the whole year welcoming the raids of tourists from all around the world offering its well location and unique service. Even in winter, with a sea temperature of 17 -18 (Celsius) Fethiye presents a four season holiday advantage. Fethiye hotels are at the capacity of 100 to 400 rooms including beauty and healthcare centers, swimming pools, huge complexes offering special services for the visitors.


There isn't just a single meaning for the sea in Fethiye. In Fethiye, there is the turquoise, the lucid, the composure.. You don't need to swim in to feel the water in Fethiye. It lies beside you with all its beauty and calmness. Fethiye hotels offer you a beach-napping and a joy of a sea time. Ölüdeniz has been chosen as the primary spot of deployment for the Fethiye hotels.The proper and neat services of those Fethiye hotels are promoted as an example to the other hotels around the country.

Activities and entertainment

In many hotels, people can go to the beach and swim for hours, stretch-out with the first beams of light in the morning, have all the fun with the energizers without even getting out of the hotel. The most essential service for the families at the hotel is the children playgrounds. Classic playground, water parks, game stations are some of the choices that our little visitors can enjoy and spend their time without getting bored. Not only during the daytime, but also the nightlife entertainment is provided by the Fethiye hotels. Many clubs, bars are there to give you the joy of a night time. The diner options at our hotels even fulfill the desires of those who are here for business matters and congress unions.

Taste of food

The most important component of taste is the traditional flavors. As well as the light kitchen of the Mediterranean, fresh sea food is also one of the indispensables on the hotels menu in Fethiye. Even though many Fethiye hotels are offering choices from the kitchens from all around the world, fresh vegetables, fruits and the fish are the choice of the tourists. Also it's better to remind you that you will taste these delicious dishes under the dawning sky and next to a beautiful pool or the sea itself.

The harmony between Fethiye hotels and the historical texture

Fethiye carries the spirit of the past into today by naming each and every one of its bays and ancient cities after the legends that took place in the history. One of the places you need to see before you die: "The Valley of Butterflies" is located in the immediate vicinity of Ölüdeniz with its glowing wide shore.It will separate you from reality and drag you into the world of dreams.The most important ancient city: "Kayaköy" hosting most of the tourists among the top visited places with its narrow streets and architectural design in Fethiye. Stone tombs in Karakaya have the surviving texture that would leave you fascinated by the past. Fethiye hotels carry those historical evidences and also they serve to this historical inheritance. You may touch the Stones of history and gain the strength of the past and pursuit the trail of history in Fethiye.In the end you may lose the sweet exhaustion of the day at one of our well-situated Fethiye hotels.

Nature sports

Fethiye is one of the most important places for those who have the curiosity of nature sports. The place is famous for being able to provide all kinds of nature sports. When you go to Fethiye you may either go for the water sports or the for the track sports with the company of a great sea view.Known as the "adventure sports", scuba diving, rafting, safari, Canyon walks, parasailing and paragliding are ready to go for those who seek the adrenalin at the Fethiye hotels. Most of the Fethiye hotels are situated to the nearby places that all of these sports are being performed. When you paraglide here in Fethiye, you feel more than a wind. An endless sea, ancient ruins are almost humoring to the sea and a forest with a tone of green that would dazzle your eyes. You would even be amazed just watching the ones who enjoy this special ride.

Fethiye hotels and Ölüdeniz

Ölüdeniz… Just like a magical spring yet, promising. You may describe Ölüdeniz with sentences like these. However, in the end, you admit and say: "you should see it for yourself". The very first thinking when you go there is the fact that you has never seen something like this before. A Turquoise, a calm water and the mountain Babadağ leaning against it and a white endless beach with its white sand that's unlikely to imagine in a movie or in a lucid dream. The heart of the Fethiye: Ölüdeniz is one of the most essential beauties of our country. As a result, hotels in Fethiye, Ölüdeniz serve at full occupancy. You may enjoy the sea for 10 months of a year, finding a peace of mind. Fethiye hotels will provide you with shopping and natural sports centers at this very bay.

The support to the tourism industry

Fethiye is one of the lucky places that have everything that is needed. Natural beauties completed with its historical architecture. It offers unlimited choices for those who seek any kinds of sport. Besides all that, the residents of Fethiye not only helps the natural texture carry on to the next generation as it was in the past without any corruption, but also they are the ones who makes the tourists satisfacted and appreciated. The most valuable support of the Fethiye hotels is the revenue. For that matter, Fethiye never loses its live atmosphere. Hotels would allow you to make early and cheaper reservations with their package vacation tarifs.

Why to choose Fethiye hotels?

With Ölüdeniz at the meeting point of Mediterranean and Ege, the unique bays, the natural and traditional flavours, the historical texture Fethiye is one of the most attracting places in the country. Many of the tourists visited here have fallen in love at first sight and become permanent residents of Fethiye. Also it's common to come across to a previous foreigner tourist that now is an actual resident of Fethiye. Meanwhile, Fethiye has provided many job offerings. Many hotels have added people from outside the country to its staff.

Architechtural design

Many Fethiye hotels copy its historical inheritance. As well as the concepts of stone, wood and adobe, the astonishing and traditional sidings of the walls of the hotels meets the accommodation capacity. Also holiday villages are built in a way that doesn't differ from the historical taste. . It also presents a candid service with its warm and minimum design based on its "concept hotel" attitude.

Future investments

Day by day, Fethiye hotels are planning out new investment branches in order to live up to increasing demands of the location. Projects on increasing the capacity, new branches, beaches, and beauty and sports centers are the essential chains of the future plans of Fethiye. When it comes to the support on the economy, the investments that are meeting the needs of our modern age are highly considerable.

Touristic locations around

Put aside those classical methods before you visit Fethiye. Don't do any online research on Fethiye. Because Fethiye will take your breath away with its surprises anyway. When you face the mountains on the shore, you would instantly bump into the stone tombs. Those tombs that are heritance from the people of the civilization called Likya are the most important remnants of an astonishing mountain that goes back in time for hundreds of years. Starting with Karaköy there are many ancient cities that have been the hosts of varieties of legends such as Pınara, Tlos, and Kadyanda.Fethiye hotels are important on matters of distance between these ancient cities and Fethiye hotels and also fiting to the historical texture of Fethiye. Yet, Fethiye offers more than a culture holiday to its visitors. Also, the valley of butterflies (kelebekler vadisi) is one of the corners from heaven with the feeling of peace and happiness beside its natural beauty.Meanwhile, Ölüdeniz is one of the most important spots to go scuba diving and paragliding. There are 3 different paragliding tracks of he mountain Babadağ , rising from behind the sands. Belcekız Beach is one of the safest lanes to land on with its long and wide formation, located right at the cost of Ölüdeniz. As well as the long lasting activities of the Fethiye hotels, nightlife in the Fethiye hotels is very alive. They lets you enjoy your holiday with its live music and a street full of bars. Fethiye hotels cover the bigger portion of the entertainment demand of the nightlife with its surprise shows and animations.